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It is a dream come true for all of us to go LIVE your memorable events like - Live Cricket match or Live Film fare awards .An exciting way of sharing your events with Person who cannot be physically present. We have expertise in LIVE Webcasting events with best in class service at affordable price.

Facebook live Streaming

(Live your events for friends and Relatives)

Facebook is accessed by large range of viewers using desktops, laptops, tablet computer and Smartphone's over internet and mobile networks. We help you live your events on this social media platform for your viewers.

Youtube Streaming

(Live events for all your subscribers)

YouTube is a video-sharing website, where we can live your memorable events with faster and reliable support of our Professional Experts


(Live your events for all participants and viewers)

Webinars are mostly interactive, it can be in the form of presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar. We help in transmitting it Live as it has ability to give, receive and discuss information in real time basis.

Mobile/Tablet Streaming

(Live your events on Mobiles & Tablets)

Experience seamless live streaming for your upcoming event

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