COD Mobile players have a lot to look forward to because Activision announced a video of the esports competition for 2021.

When it comes to the COD Mobile esports scene, things have been tough for the game. Since COD mobile was released back in 2019, the global esports competition was supposed to take place in 2020, but the World Cup itself was unable to fully play out due to COVID-19.

For quite some time, it was not clear how the esports scene would evolve for the game, as the possibilities for events were rather limited despite the fact that many matches could be played online.

Now Activision has released a video of their upcoming 2021 Call of Duty Mobile Global Esports contest, saying they’re calling up “competitors from around the globe” and released the hashtag #WeAreCODM. The exact details of the competition are not yet known, but it is expected that they will follow the same framework used in 2020.

Created the use of qualifiers and the use of local playoff, with the best teams in the region planning to reach the World Championships final.

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in the world, achieving over 300 million downloads in October, and is still an active player base. Continuing the esports scene for the game seems like a logical move.

How To Register For The COD Mobile World Championship 2021register

  1.  To take part in the Championship one must have above 18 years of old and there is no entry fee for registration.
  2. Gamers must attain at least level 10 in COD mobile. After achieving the level, gamers will be able to access “Ranked Multiplayer” mode matches. 
  3. Through this mode, gamers will get entry into various in-game events that qualify for the regional stages of the World Championship.

On the way to the World Cup itself, there will be five stages: singles, team play, local qualifiers and playoff, and the final championship.

The Five Stages of COD: Mobile World Championship 2021five stages

  1. The first stage will be the single-play mode in the tournament, where there are criteria to score a minimum of 60 points in 10 matches within 4 weekends of the game.
  2. After clearing the First stage a player will proceed to the second stage of the tournament which will be team play.  In the second stage, players make their own teams and play for the next upcoming rounds. 
  3. The third stage will be for the qualifiers where an elimination format is made to cut down the level of competition. From this round, top scorers will be selected for the next round of competition.
  4. The fourth stage is for the regional playoff, this round is also used for the elimination process of the players.
  5. After the fourth stage, the Fifth stage is for the top players who else are selected from the fourth stage. Top players will play in the World Championship finals.

The official YouTube channel of Call of Duty esports will live stream the tournament. Call of Duty mobile world championship 2021 will be the biggest esports event of the year with the biggest prize pool. The gamer will use Sony’s  Xperia 1 III smartphone for the final tournament as Sony will be the sponsor for COD Mobile World Championship 2021.