The world of competitive, organized video gaming is referred to as eSports. In common at-home games like Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Madden NFL, players from various leagues or teams compete against each other.

Loads of fans look up to and follow these gamers from all over the world, whether they appear in live activities or look out for them on online or TV. Viewers can watch their favorite gamers play in real-time on streaming sites like Twitch, and this is usually where popular gamers develop their fan bases.


MegaStars, which was established in 2019, has slowly risen to the top by combining a group of talented individuals who establish a name for themselves by competing against some of the best teams on the scene.

Their recent results have seen them become one of the best teams in the end, showcasing their talents in various competitions and concluding in the top 5 slots in India premiership 2020 demonstrating their ability to compete with the big boys. It will be interesting to see what this young group of talented individuals produces in the future.

TSM Entity

Following the announcement of TeamSoloMid, a global company merging with Team entity, one of India’s strongest Esports organizations, a recent merger has occurred. This enterprise has shaped one of the best PUBG mobile officialdoms to ever refine the export in India.

They have set the benchmark for what PUBG teams can play by winning India’s biggest esports tournament of 2020, the PUBG Mobile India Series, while also competing globally by finishing second at the PUBG Mobile Pro League – spring split South Asia Finals.

TSM Entity has some of the best players in the game, notably Jonathan, who has the potential to be the best player in the game, and TSM-Entity can be considered one of the best in the scene under ClutchGOD’s leadership.

Team Fnatic

Fnatic has created a team of technological geniuses to do one thing only: win after acquiring an Indian PUBG roster. The team quickly established itself in the scene, taking first place in several top Indian PUBGM tournaments.

To mention a few recent achievements, they placed second in the India Premiership: Finals and the PUBG mobile India Series 2020. Fnatic, who bought the team in 2019, has created a world-class team that will dominate the Indian Esports scene. Only time will tell if they are successful.

Team Orange RockOrange Rock

Orange Rock is currently the best team in PUBG Mobile Esports, having been formed under the leadership of ‘Mavi,’ their In-Game Chief, who can also be considered the best IGL in the game.

Their recent performances in 2020 have seen them establish a stronghold on the top spot, primarily by winning major PUBG Esports tournaments such as the India premiership 2020 summer season finals, and PUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: South Asia League, as well as several top finishes in the PUBG Mobile Club Open – spring, Split 2020: South Asia League.