The Coaching platform of the pro guides announced on Wednesday that they are hiring Paul Condolora as the new chief officer of operations. He is an entertainment industry veteran and also had executive roles with the turner. It also has a digital division like cartoon network gaming platform like Sony picture entertainment and also the harry potter in warner bros entertainment. 

It will also help the demand for esports training like accelerating growth and streamline operations towards profitability. The SEO of pro guides and also the co-founder name Sam Wang tells that the SBJ esports and the TWO in the first year of the operation have been paid around 2M  USD to its coaches to use the platforms. Wang also said that they hired con dolor because the company wants to help reach the next level and also include the revenue streams. 
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When the company Pro guides started then no one expected his growth so fast and the part of it there are many growing pains in which millions of users and it also needs many internal refinements with the both hiring side as well the modeling and also the economics.

While you are maintaining the business economics, when they are going to maintain the experimental spirit and also launch some new innovation so from these steps of the company it’s very clear that he is making the business better than before. 

As per the con dolor, he said that he always feels acclimated to this company due to the time building and also the digital gaming for the cartoon network and also the game tap platform, I just want to expand the new ways of the guides. These all of the gaming covers under the esports. 

The same and the Christoph who spent a lot of time, in their first 180 days after it they thought they needed to bring the COO, not for a small decision. So during the pro guides, they are focusing on esports and also the training, so they can give it a dynamic look and also can expand it with the new partners.coo

It also has the range of its foundational issue and the COO are working on these issues very closely along with the founders and also the team they build. If we talk about the perspective of the business development and also the partnerships they are thinking about which really wants to expand the business. 

Wang also said the pro guides mainly looked for new ways to increase the company’s revenue and also for the coaches to participate in its platform. What they are trying to focus on and also how they can spend it with more tools to monetize their services. 

The New COO also said that many executives are jumping in the gaming and also in esports because it also offers to clear the opportunity to growth and global nature and they are also excited to be in.