Not only Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legend are being considered as the top games of the gaming world. Some Esport cricket is still favorite to gamers. Do you know, some of those games are being played in eSports tournaments? Yes, that’s true.

There are a lot of precious gamers who are representing their countries on a national level in eSports cricket games. But that’s not our concern here. Our center of the discussion is the betting sites that are allowing us to earn through these matches.

Lots of sites are there on the internet world that are offering Esports cricket. Here some of the sites are mentioned where you can play safely.

BetWay Sports

BetWay sports is one of the top sites. It is a global site. Lots of international tournaments are being arranged on this platform. It is a safe secured site where you can add your account details freely. You’ll get rewards for sure. You’ll get 100% cashback up to $50. Live streaming of cricket is being entertained here. Payment options are broad.


Leovegas is another international site. Here, you can have 100% cashback up to $150. It is a broad site. Here, you can have lots of exciting tournaments, matches, and some global players to challenge. To enhance the experience there is no better site than this. Again, you can have beneficial odds too which have high Values. Be with this site to earn some extra money while you are enjoying live streaming.


Unibet comes third on the list. Here, cricket betting and virtual cricket Betting all are being offered. Lots of people are enjoying the platform for being so open. It is mainly active in India. You can have a 2000 RS free bet. You can use this amount to place bets. Payment options are broad, feel free to invest here. They have a strong guidebook where strategies will help you to fix your plans.


You can get 100% cashback up to RS 7000. Here, live sports betting is being entertained. Apart from cricket, lots of other games are active here too. Their security server,  Service, payment options, offers, and promotions are exciting. All of these together will make this site a greater one. If you are a beginner, it can be very helpful.

Stake.comstake com is a very interactive site. Through this site, you can have a great experience. Crypto Currencies are available on this. But unfortunately, there is no welcome bonus. You can’t have any extra money at the beginning. You have to start with your collection. But don’t worry, at the end of every week, you can have some effective offers. Other than that live streaming, payment options, strong customer support, everything will be offered to you.

These are the best sites where you can place bets on eSports cricket games. International, national and local sports are being entertained on these sites. We hope you’ll have a great time here.