Standing in 2021, no one can say Virtual sports or eSports are a waste of time. Not only is it a good skillful way of earning but also nourishes the economic health of a country. What the world thinks today, India has thought for it a long time ago. But due to demotivation, India is lagging.

Though it’s not our topic India needs to grow more if they find its true potential. Having no options for eSports? Here, we are giving the 5 best eSports that can change your life. 

Counter-Strike Global Offensivecs go

Since 2012, Counter-Strike Global Offensive has been smashing other eSports in competition. Though other games are giving it a good rivalry it is hard to move a veteran game for newbies. Gamers often called it CS: GO. This multiplayer FPS game is not a battle royal but the core nature of this gameplay makes it unique. Often competitions worth $1 million are placed on this global game.

Apex Legend

We are mainly talking about PC games. Though Apex Legend mobile version will be offered soon. The popularity of this game has ruined all other games. The obvious reasons are its speed and the powers of the characters. The powers will let you have unique abilities, respawn abilities, finding loot, jumping to Another dimension, and lots of useful tools to defeat your strong opponents in the battle royal ground. 

Fortnite PC

On the popularity list of the games, Fortnite PC will come after CS: GO and Apex Legend. In a recent conference, Epic Games, the owner of this game, said they had crossed 12.3 million users which was incredible and record-breaking.

The bright graphics, free offers, amazing constructions, the concept of the game, make it unique. Among 12.3 million, a good number of Indians players are playing it. Even more than a $30 million prize pool is arranged for this game. 

Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 is a pro version of Mortal Kombat X. NetherRealm, the owning studio of this game has recently updated its settings. They have made its graphics, defensive, and offensive tools stronger, faster, and have put quality animation. We know the popularity of the game stopped because of the animation but now, it can give an eye-to-eye challenge to any tier 1 game. As ninjas, gods and monsters are the characters of this game, a lot of fun will be there.


Player Unknown Battle Ground. There are very few people who don’t know about this game. Unfortunately, most of the people are friendly with the mobile version however the PC version is another top-level Esport.

Both mobile and PC versions are catching the hearts of people by featuring a great battleground. A game within simplicity can be worthy to pick up the place of best, Pubg has proven it. More than 2 million dollars prize pool is organized for this Esport.

These are the 5 top games that you can try too. Not too many specs are required for these games, so you can have fun.